Population growth in 19 municipalities

20.02.2019 - 15:43
Population growth in 19 municipalities
Last year saw a total population growth of 883, with far more male than female newcomers
The 1 January 2019 population was 51,371, with the highest relative growth in the capital regio

The outlying islands had mixed fortunes in terms of population growth last year, according to Statistics Faroe Islands.

Fugloy, Koltur, Skúgvóy and Stóri Dímun saw no change in their population.

Nólsoy had an increase of eight, including two new-born babies, and one person moved to Svínoy.

Majority of male newcomers

Kalsoy had a reduction of six citizens from 1 January 2018 to 1 January 2019. Hestur saw a reduction of five citizens and Mykines a reduction of two.

A total of 19 municipalities enjoyed population growth last year. The remaining ten municipalities either had no change (Fugloy, Skúgvoy and Fámjin) or a decline.

In the net migration figures, there were 413 male and 177 female newcomers.

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