Strong public opposition to 5G plan

05.03.2019 - 20:43
Strong public opposition to 5G plan
Unease about the possible long-term health risks of the upcoming 5G network has prompted a letter of protest signed by almost 1,100 citizens

They worry about their health, they refuse to become guinea pigs and they are calling for more information about 5G.

So far, 1,062 citizens have signed a petition calling on the authorities to stop the planned 5G network in the Faroes.

The petition was filed by Tórgunn á Løgmansbø and Janus Dam Guttesen, and the signatures have now been sent to Parliament, the Minister of Health and the Interior, the telecom companies and the Public Health Board.

Long-term health risks

The petition reads: “By showing how many people are opposed to this plan after only two months, we hope and expect that this matter will be reassessed with consideration to the long-term health of our citizens.”

According to Føroya Tele, the 5G network is the basis of the future digital society in which an increasing number of applications are connected to the internet. But Janus Dam Guttesen says this “experiment” needs to stop now:

“We should wait until we have some scientific evidence showing that there are no long-term health risks involved. There is nothing wrong with trying to be a pioneering nation in this field, but if the health of our people is at risk, we should act with caution.”

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