Wind farm alternatives planned for Suðuroy

06.03.2019 - 08:14
Wind farm alternatives planned for Suðuroy
Energy supplier SEV is reconsidering its plans to set up a wind park in Suðuroy

According to the Environment Agency, a pump arrangement is a precondition for setting up a wind farm in Porkeri, Suðuroy.

But now energy supplier SEV has cast doubt on whether a pump arrangement is the right solution for Suðuroy.

“Times are constantly changing, and so are the preconditions for the various energy expansion projects,” says Hákun Djurhuus, CEO of SEV.

Alternative solutions

He disagrees with the Environment Agency’s view that a pump arrangement is a precondition for creating a wind farm in Porkeri.

“It is our duty to explore all available options,” he says, adding that the SEV management is currently looking into three possible solutions.

One is to install a cable from the capital region to Suðuroy, another is to stick with the pump arrangement plan and a third is a combination of these two methods.

Shrinking wind farm

On 1 February, one month ahead of the tender deadline for the wind farm project, SEV informed the Environment Agency of its alternative plan.

This prompted the Environment Agency to downgrade the project from 12 Megawatts to 6 Megawatts.

According to Djurhuus, there is nothing wrong with putting 12 MWs out to tender without any immediate need for a pump arrangement.

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