Journalists: do not limit our freedom

11.03.2019 - 10:50
Journalists: do not limit our freedom
Media Professionals are urging Parliament not to restrict access to public administration data
The board of the Faroe Association for Journalists, from the left Øssur Winthereig, Elin Mirjamsdóttir, Jón Brian Hvidtfeldt, Beate L. Samuelsen and Uni Arge

Freedom of information was the main theme at the Føroysk Miðlafólk (the Association of Faroese Media Professionals) general assembly last weekend.

Members agreed that two ongoing topics present limited access to public administration data.

One is the Ministry of Fisheries’ plan to adjust the freedom of information law so that limited data access is provided in matters pertaining to marine resources and development quotas.

Democracy and openness

The other deemed problematic in this context is that Parliament has restricted access to information on how MPs spend their annual DKK 30,000 ‘skills development’ grant.

A statement from Føroysk Miðlafólk reads: “It should be obvious that citizens and the media are given unrestricted insight into how public assets are administered.”

Føroysk Miðlafólk is now calling on Parliament to respect openness and defend democracy by providing full access to how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

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