Easter egg hunt in Nólsoy

18.04.2019 - 06:53
Easter egg hunt in Nólsoy
Three hundred Easter eggs will be hidden in Nólsoy on Saturday, and children across the country are invited to come look for them

In the Faroes, a popular Easter game is rolling a decorated egg down a hill until it breaks. Easter egg hunts, as such, are a new phenomenon here.

But now two Nólsoy residents have organised an Easter egg hunt on the island, which will consist of 300 decorated eggs hidden across the village.

The hunt starts this Saturday at 1pm, and children from across the country are welcome to join in the hunt.

Sweet childhood memory

One of the organisers, Nikolaj Falck, says he remembers that his mother used to hide decorated eggs in the garden at Easter when he was a little boy. And now, after having enjoyed the annual Easter egg hunt in Viðey, Iceland, with his own children, he thought it could be fun to try it in the Faroes.

It’s finders keepers as usual, and a few of the eggs have a number painted on them. These eggs can be exchanged for larger chocolate Easter eggs.

Nólsoy ferry ‘Ternan’ departs from Tórshavn at 12.30pm and will arrive in Nólsoy in time for the start of the hunt.

Translated by prosa.fo

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