Questions raised about tourist fishing

01.06.2019 - 11:12
Questions raised about tourist fishing
MP wants to know whether tourists are allowed unlimited fishing in the Faroes

A new issue has emerged within fisheries in the Faroes.

MP Kári P. Højgaard has issued an enquiry to fisheries minister Høgni Hoydal regarding tourist fishing.

Højgaard wants to know if tourists require a fishing license, and whether tourist fishing is registered so that it is included in statistics on home fisheries. 

Tourists fish from boats

The MP says that he informed the minister last autumn that he had heard about instances of tourists renting boats for fishing expeditions.

“They had brought their own fishing equipment, they gutted the catch themselves and they brought the fillets with them when they left the country – and this is happening again this year,” he says, referring to a news article on news portal 

When tourists bring fishing equipment and freezing kits to the Faroes, this must be regarded as commercial fishing, he says, and he wants to know if this is in line with the law.

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