Kayaks rescued in rough seas

09.07.2019 - 07:49
Kayaks rescued in rough seas
A group of Israeli kayak rowers was rescued after sailing into harsh weather north of Viðareiði last week
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Nine Kayak rowers from Israel were rescued on Wednesday after sailing into rough seas north of cape Enniberg, Viðoy.

A rescue operation involving a helicopter, a coast guard ship and private fishing boats was launched after the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre received a distress call from one of the rowers.

The rescue helicopter first spotted three kayaks rowing near land. The rowers signalled to the helicopter that they were safe and pointed the pilot in the direction of their struggling fellow rowers.

Rowers airlifted to safety

Moments later, the helicopter crew found two groups of kayaks and lifted five rowers up to safety.

The rowers said that one person was still missing. The pilot spotted him soon after and instructed a local fishing boat to pick him up.

The rowers were airlifted to Klaksvík, and the coast guard ship later picked up the kayaks.


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