Restaurant KOKS ordered to move out

31.07.2019 - 18:50
Restaurant KOKS ordered to move out
Michelin-starred restaurant KOKS is no longer allowed to use the house near lake Leynavatn, Streymoy, for its activities

The National Trust last year granted KOKS owner Gist og Vist a temporary dispensation from the rule that the area near Leynavatn is not to be used for restaurant activity.

This dispensation expires on 1 September, and despite numerous attempts by the restaurant management to extend the deadline, the restaurant needs to move out of the house by that date.

This decision has caused a stir at home and abroad, and now a petition has been launched with the aim of convincing the National Trust to change its mind.

After only three days, 1,465 signatures have been registered, and the number continues to grow. The signatures will be handed to the National Trust on 26 August.

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