Toll gate installed in Saksun

08.08.2019 - 13:46
Toll gate installed in Saksun
Locals and foreigners now need to pay DKK 75 to walk to the beach in Saksun

Visiting the popular beach and the tidal lagoon in Saksun is no longer free of charge.

A local farmer has now installed an automatic toll gate on the pathway to the beach in an effort to cope with the ever-increasing tourist numbers in the village.

Tenant farmer André Kruse said earlier this year that tourist numbers have become so high now that something needs to be done, and that other farmers in the village are also working on ways to get something out of the booming tourism industry.

Reactions from tourists

KVF asked a number of tourists about their thoughts regarding the new toll gate.

Most of them said they understood the concerns of the locals, and that they had no problem paying for the privilege to go to the beach and help preserve the local nature.

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However, a family of five decided not to go to the beach, as they thought five times DKK 75 was too much.

One couple said the charge made seeing the Faroese landscape exclusive to those who can afford it, arguing that this was not the right way to go about it.

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