Puffins benefit from tourist-free period

11.08.2019 - 09:22
Puffins benefit from tourist-free period
The dwindling puffin colony in Mykines showed immediate signs of improvement after last month’s path closure
The path to the puffin nesting site in Mykines was closed for two weeks earlier this summer

Puffins in Mykines appear to have benefited from two weeks of limited tourist access to the puffin nesting site in late July-early August.

Landowner Heini Heinesen says that immediately after the path to the site was closed, he started seeing more puffins emerging from the caves.

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He says that it would be immensely beneficial for the island’s puffin population to shut down tourist access to the nesting site altogether.

Along with last summer’s introduction of a DKK 100 walking fee came a requirement that all tourists walking near the puffin site should be accompanied by a certified guide.

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