Glasir principal quits

04.09.2019 - 14:07
Glasir principal quits
Bogi Bech Jensen has resigned from his position as principal of Tórshavn’s new college, Glasir

Bogi Bech Jensen, who for the past four years has headed the merger of Tórshavn’s three secondary schools, has now stepped down from his position.

The Ministry of Education, which received the resignation yesterday, writes in a statement:

”Bogi Bech Jensen faced a tough challenge leading the efforts to merge the city’s secondary schools. After a long development process, Glasir now stands proudly as the country’s largest education institution. We thank Bogi Bech Jensen for all his hard work.”

Immediate effect

Jensen says that now the merger has been completed, the time has come for someone else to take over.

“I have had four good and rewarding years in this job, but I feel a need to seek other opportunities now,” he says in his resignation letter.

Steinbjørn Hardlei, the head of administration at Glasir, will function as interim principal until a replacement has been appointed.

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