Cathedral conservation completed

10.09.2019 - 20:32
Cathedral conservation completed
The conservation of the St Magnus Cathedral ruin in Kirkjubø ensures that the 14th century structure can survive another 2-300 years

The removal of the large weather shields from Kirkjubø’s famous St Magnus Cathedral ruin marks the completion of a comprehensive conservation project.

The weather shield, which drew considerable criticism due to its unsightly nature, was first erected in 2002 to allow the ruin to dry out before work could begin on preservation. 

Only minor work remaining

All horizontal surfaces where water can seep in have now been soft capped with mortar and clay before being topped with sod and grass.

Now only minor work remains to complete the conservation project, which started in 1997, as it became clear that the ruin was deteriorating at a rapid pace, with more and more mortar falling away due to the elements, mostly from rain, but also salty sea air and sea water. 

Símun V. Arge, one of the conservation workers from the National Museum, says that their next job is to find the best way for further preservation of the 700-year-old cathedral ruin.

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