Krill fishery “a promising industry”

30.09.2019 - 08:36
Krill fishery “a promising industry”
The head of the Marine Research Institute believes there is great untapped potential in krill fishery

We are not making use of the greatest resource in Faroese waters, the krill. 

This is the view of Eilif Gaard, CEO of Havstovan, the Faroese Marine Research Institute, who has published an article in fishery magazine Sjóvarmál in which he argues that krill fishery could become an important part of the Faroese fishery industry.

The krill is a small, shrimp-like marine animal that lives in oceans across the world. Krill is mostly used as aquaculture feed, fish bait and pet food. Only a small percentage is prepared for human consumption. 

A huge stock

In his article, marine biologist Gaard argues that the Faroe Islands have a special nature-given opportunity to benefit commercially from the second-most common biological resource in the North Atlantic, the krill.

He says that by using the available knowledge, we can catch part of this 100 million tonne krill population in the deep section of the area between the Faroe Bank and the Faroe Continental Shelf without harming the ecosystem.

There is sufficient information available on krill in Faroese waters, says the biologist, who believes that krill fishery has the potential of becoming a thriving industry which could contribute greatly to the national economy.

The article is available here Fiskiskapur eftir reyðæti (in Faroese only).

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