Psychiatric centre joins mental health campaign

30.09.2019 - 21:23
Psychiatric centre joins mental health campaign
The National Psychiatric Centre is the latest institution to join a campaign to raise public awareness of mental health

The National Psychiatric Centre has joined the ABC fyri sálarliga heilsu (ABC for mental health) campaign, the Public Health Board reports.

Consisting of more than 20 local councils and various other social and health services providers, the ABC is a campaign aiming to raise public awareness of the importance of mental health.

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A press release from the Psychiatric Centre reads: “Mental health should be prioritised as highly as physical health, on a societal, professional and personal level, and we believe the ABC for mental health campaign takes a step in the right direction in this context.”

A welcome addition

The Public Health Board is happy to welcome the Psychiatric Centre to the campaign:

“We are delighted to see perhaps the most relevant public health institution join our ABC campaign, and with them on board, the campaign now features institutions representing all areas within the mental health scope,” says Magni Mohr, chairman of the Public Health Board.

The ABC for mental health campaign focuses on three main themes: A) Be active, B) Be together and C) Be present

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