Major leaks in National Art Gallery

03.10.2019 - 06:32
Major leaks in National Art Gallery
Work has started on fixing leaks on the roof of Tórshavn’s National Art Gallery

A leaking roof on the National Art Gallery building puts the Faroese cultural heritage at risk, according to the gallery’s management.

A request for a DKK 500,000 extra grant has been requested from Parliament to cover the costs of the repair works.

The most urgent repair work has already started on the roof of the new part of the gallery.

More work than expected

The repairs are needed to prevent water from entering the gallery walls where the paintings are on display.

Initially, the plan was to finance the repairs through the gallery’s own private foundation, but the scope of the problem has now turned out to be bigger than expected.

The gallery management has also informed the Ministry of Culture that the building will require other major repairs in the coming years.

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