A good month for sustainable energy

12.10.2019 - 14:16
A good month for sustainable energy
Half of the energy produced by public energy supplier SEV in September came from renewable sources
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Water and wind accounted for half of SEV’s energy last month.

Water energy went up by about 25 percent compared with September last year.

Wind turbine energy production also increased but at a more moderate rate.

 >> Oil use goes up due to dry summer

The ratio between sustainable energy and fossil fuels so far this year stands at 38 and 62 percent. Water energy accounted for 24 percent and wind power for 14 percent.

 >> Transition to green energy slower than expected

This year’s total wind energy has gone down slightly compared to last year due to lengthy repair work on two faulty turbines in Eysturoy.

SEV points out that the figures for last month are not representative for the whole year.


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