No primary school council

31.10.2019 - 09:29
No primary school council
It is proving difficult to keep a primary council going on a consistent basis
There has been no primary school council since 1 June last year, but a new one will be established soon

The law on fólkaskúlin – the municipal primary and lower-secondary school – states that a primary school council should be operative at all times.

But for more than a year, there has been no such council.

A primary school council is appointed for a three-year period, and the last council was appointed on 1 June 2015, which means there has been no primary school council since 1 June in 2018.

The previous council sat from 2011 to 2014, after which there was a one-year period with no council.

New council appointed soon

According to Skúlablaðið, the Teachers’ Association’s magazine, new education minister Jenis av Rana has vowed to appoint a new primary school council as soon as possible.

The primary school council consists of seven members, including teachers, student counsellors and representatives form the Ministry of Education and parental organisation Heim og Skúli (Home and School).

The council’s role is to advice the education minister on all matters pertaining to municipal primary and lower-secondary schools

Since 2011, the council has submitted numerous reports on topics such as special pedagogy, development centres and prep schools.

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