Day-care management restructure given green light

01.11.2019 - 11:30
Day-care management restructure given green light
Tórshavn City Council has approved a plan to implement a management restructure for day care centres in the municipality
The 37 day-care centres in Tórshavn municipality will now be restructured into four regional units

On Wednesday, Tórshavn City Council passed a motion to restructure the municipality’s 37 day-care centres into for regional units.

The aim of the restructure is to improve the link between the council’s own central administration and the 37 separate management teams in day-care centres across the municipality.

Each of the four regional units will consist of 750 children, 185 staff members and one manager.

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The new management restructure will cost DKK 2.75 million per year. The council has also decided to earmark DKK 4.5 million for increasing the number of staff in its day-care centres.

The plan has been met with harsh criticism. In September, members of the Pedagogues’ Union handed protest signatures to the City Council in the hope that the plan would be taken back.

“We simply cannot accept this. The real problem is that we need more staff in our day-care centres, and once that problem has been solved, perhaps we could start looking at the management structure,” pedagogue Edda Bjarkadóttir, one of the organisers behind the signature campaign, said when the signatures were handed in.

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