Reception classes planned for non-Faroese pupils

12.11.2019 - 12:11
Reception classes planned for non-Faroese pupils
A proposed directive on special classes to improve the language and cultural understanding for pupils with a foreign background is under review
The Ministry of Culture and Education offices in Tórshavn

The Ministry of Education and schoolbook authority Nám are reviewing a proposal for a directive on special reception classes to ease integration for non-Faroese pupils.

So said education minister Jenis av Rana in reply to MP Jóhannis Joensen, who has enquired about language teaching for pupils with a non-Faroese background.

The proposed directive suggests special classes for foreign-background children who start school in the Faroes, with close cooperation between schools and local authorities

A prerequisite for such classes, according to the directive, is compulsory skills upgrading for teachers involved with these classes.

The minister added that schoolbook authority Nám has already started producing special teaching materials for pupils with a non-Faroese background.


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