Help is only a phone call away

30.03.2020 - 15:11
Help is only a phone call away
Although most institutions have closed down amid the corona lockdown, there are numerous phone helplines that can offer support and advice
Red Cross Faroe Islands volunteers are offering support over the phone and can even help with practical tasks such as grocery shopping

With unprecedented levels of social isolation and with everything shut down, it can be difficult to navigate the Faroese support landscape, not least for people with a foreign background.

But there is help at hand, as lots of nice people across the country are available for a chat on the phone – and, like most Faroese people, they most likely speak good English.

Here is a short outline of phone helplines set up during the corona lockdown.

Corona helpline

The official corona hotline is available on 304040. It is open on weekdays 8am-4pm and on weekends 12 noon-3pm.

This helpline is for anything corona-related, for instance about quarantine procedures, details about the virus, whether you should get tested and general advice on how to stay protect yourself against infection.

Red Cross helpline

Red Cross Faroe Islands has set up a support network consisting of at least 70 volunteers, who in addition to providing support and advice over the phone can also help with practical tasks such as grocery shopping.

Call 788870 or email

Substance abuse helpline

Rehabilitation centre Blákrossheimið is not taking in new residents during the lockdown. But the centre’s support staff is available around the clock as it has opened up a helpline available on 770770.

Restricted psychiatric ward helpline

The psychiatric ward at the National Hospital has its own dedicated phone helplines, but due to limited resources these are restricted to service users currently affiliated with the ward.

People requiring help with psychiatric issues can try the Red Cross helpline and perhaps be redirected appropriately from there.


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