Researcher to probe into undocumented corona cases

03.04.2020 - 14:33
Researcher to probe into undocumented corona cases
It is important for health authorities to get a full picture of the Covid-19 outbreak beyond the official figures, says medical researcher
Pál Weihe, chief physician at the Department of Occupational and Public Health

Researcher Pál Weihe is planning a study of Faroese corona cases that have not been registered through official testing.

“It is important to shed light on the corona cases that have somehow evaded detection,” says Weihe, chief physician at the Department of Occupational and Public Health, who will head the study.

”Having a clear idea of how many people actually end up infected with this virus will enable the authorities to make much more informed decisions.”

The study will essentially consist of measuring antibodies in study participants to determine if they have beaten the virus and gained some degree of immunity to it.

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Weihe says the best time to start the study would be once the outbreak has come to an end.

Other institutions involved in the planning of the study include the National Hospital, the Chief Medical Officer, the Food and Veterinary Authority and the University of the Faroe Islands.

Work has begun to secure funding for the study, which is estimated to cost about DKK 1 million.


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