”Too late” for joint solution on daycare refunds

04.04.2020 - 07:41
”Too late” for joint solution on daycare refunds
Too many local councils have already refunded parents’ daycare fees for a national solution to make sense, says Municipalities Association chairman

Many local councils have taken the matter of reimbursing parents for fees paid during daycare shutdown into their own hands.

This has made it virtually impossible, and to some degree pointless, to come up with a joint nationwide solution covering all municipalities, says Dennis Holm, chairman of the Municipalities Association

“It looks like the ship has sailed on that plan, I’m afraid,” he says. “Only hours after the national lockdown was announced, many local councils said that they would be reimbursing parents for daycare costs.”

He adds that he has made it clear on numerous occasions that this is not a matter for the Municipalities Association, and that it is only right that each municipality decides its own policy in this situation.

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Many local councils have called for a joint solution from the Municipalities Association and the government to avoid a conflict scenario in which some local councils are praised and others condemned.

Holm says the next step for the Municipalities Association is to arrange a meeting with the national authorities to discuss whether local councils can expect to be refunded for lost income resulting from the daycare lockdown.


Translated by prosa.fo

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