Increasing number of young women sell their bodies

12.06.2020 - 08:18
Increasing number of young women sell their bodies
It is becoming more and more common for young Faroese women to sell their bodies for cash or drugs

As the country’s illegal drugs market is growing, the number of youths with mental problems is also on the rise.

A part of this development is an increase in young women selling their bodies for sex in return for money or drugs.

This harsh reality is taking place across the country, mostly in private homes, but also in cars and in nightclubs, according to Magni Højgaard, who heads the ‘Megna títt lív’ (‘Cope with your life’) relief initiative.

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After some particularly serious incidents in 2017 and 2018 involving a number of marginalised youths, ten particularly troublesome young people from across the country were singled out, though not named or identified.

The authorities vowed to work towards a solution which could accommodate these people, and ‘Megna títt lív’ was part of these efforts.

“This number of ten is now closer to 100,” says Højgaard. “They are people of various ages and social difficulties who have somehow ended up in an increasingly complex and tough environment run by people who presumably control the drugs market. It’s almost impossible for us and the authorities to stop this development.”

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While the girls in this parallel society sell their bodies, the boys resort to violence.

“The boys are generally a bit older than the girls when we and the authorities get involved,” says Højgaard.

“The boys are troublemakers whereas girls tend to go unnoticed. The boys get into trouble easily, perhaps even serving jail time, which can either save them or turn them into hardened criminals.”


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