Eight new Covid cases registered yesterday

09.08.2020 - 10:34
Eight new Covid cases registered yesterday
Out of more than 4,500 Covid-19 tests on Friday, eight have come out positive, but not all tests have been analysed yet

Some 600 tests are still being analysed after Friday’s record-high 4,541 number of tests. Of the tests analysed so far, eight were positive.

“This is a very encouraging figure, considering the high number of positive tests earlier this week,” says chief medical officer Lars Fodgaard Møller. 

Four new cases were registered on Tuesday, 14 on Wednesday, 38 on Thursday and eight on Friday.

When KvF.fo spoke to the chief medical officer yesterday evening, five positive tests had been registered, and it turned out that all these five people were already in quarantine.

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“This is a strong indication that the Covid situation is under control,” he says. “We now believe that a vast majority of those who may pass on the virus are in quarantine.”

According to the latest figures, close to 1,000 people are now in quarantine.

With the provisional outcome of Friday’s tests, the total of new registered Covid cases this week has now reached 77.

Limited testing today

Due to significantly fewer tests yesterday than previous days, the test station at Tórshavn’s National Hospital will open at 1pm today instead of 9am as previously advertised.

No tests will be carried out in Klaksvík and Tvøroyri today.

For more information about Covid-19 in the Faroes, visit corona.fo.


Translated by prosa.fo

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