Covid expert: we must put our social lives on hold

22.09.2020 - 18:57
Covid expert: we must put our social lives on hold
Tórshavn residents are urged to be extra careful until more is known about the city’s Covid situation
Public health professor Pál Weihe advises extra caution after 11 new Covid cases were registered in Tórshavn from yesterday's testing round

As most of the recent positive Covid-19 tests have been registered in Tórshavn, the city’s residents should be on high alert in crowded places.

So says public health professor Pál Weihe, who believes it makes sense for the capital’s residents to put their social lives on hold during these uncertain times.

Specifically, he advises those planning to host confirmation parties – or any other types of parties – this weekend in Tórshavn to either postpone the parties or keep the number of guests to an absolute minimum.

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“The more people gathering in the same place, the greater the risk of an event turning into a so-called superspreader event. The safest thing would be to cancel all parties until the uncertainty regarding the city’s Covid situation is cleared,” he says.

“We believe we generally have the chains of infection under control, but there are a few things we have yet to figure out.”

The professor urges the city’s residents to pay extra close attention to the social distancing and hygiene guidelines and advises wearing a face mask in crowded areas.

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