Large-scale vaccinations may start in February

07.01.2021 - 12:02
Large-scale vaccinations may start in February
The Faroes are among the European countries with the highest amount of Covid vaccinations per capita so far

Next month, we can expect to receive enough vaccines to start large-scale vaccinations.

So says chief pharmacist Hjalti Gunnarstein, who is responsible for vaccine imports.

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Next week, the Faroese Pharmaceutical System will receive a further 195 bottles of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which will be enough to vaccinate up to 1,100 people.

This batch will be followed by weekly or fortnightly consignments of 195 bottles.

Just over 900 frontline health workers and care home staff have so far been vaccinated. This number is expected to reach 1,200 by the end of this week.

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