Preparations begin on tunnel under Runavík

21.01.2021 - 17:47
Preparations begin on tunnel under Runavík
An underground tunnel in Runavík will help control the increased traffic to and from new subsea tunnel, says mayor
The planned tunnel is represented by the yellow curve in the photo

Trial drillings are underway in Runavík to investigate the soil as part of preparations to build a tunnel under the town.

The plan is to make the tunnel part of the access road to the new Eysturoy subsea tunnel.

“Our trial drillings form part of the detailed project engineering stage of the project,” says Runavík mayor Tórbjørn Jacobsen. “We hope to start the actual construction work later this year.”

One of the entrances to the planned tunnel will be located between the Skúlin við Løkin school and the idustrial buildings below the road. The other entrance will be next to the Berglon store.

The 300-metre tunnel is estimated to cost DKK 95-100 million. The government has agreed to chip in with DKK 55 million over a few years, while Runavík municipality will be footing the rest of the bill.


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