Price cuts for undersea tunnel discount tickets

25.07.2018 - 12:15
Price cuts for undersea tunnel discount tickets
On 1 August, toll prices at the Klaksvík and Vágar undersea tunnels will be reduced by 20% for discount ticket holders

The companies behind the country’s two undersea tunnels have decided to lower the toll prices.

For discount ticket holders travelling in passenger cars, the price for a return trip will be lowered from DKK 25 to DKK 20.

From 1 August, a 20-trip discount ticket for passenger cars will cost DKK 400. A 40-trip ticket will cost DKK 800 and a 200-trip ticket will cost DKK 4,000.

Other changes will not be made at this point.

There has been a steady increase in traffic through the undersea tunnels, with the first half of 2018 seeing an increase of 7 percent.

Assuming the same traffic increase in the second half of the year, the price reductions will cost the tunnel companies half a million kroner this year.

The upcoming changes will increase the price difference between discount tickets and single tickets. From 1 August, a passenger car with a discount ticket can do five trips through the tunnels for the price of one single trip.

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