Public backs unlimited walking in the outfield

30.07.2018 - 14:44
Public backs unlimited walking in the outfield
A new survey suggests that the public supports the right to unrestricted walking in the countryside
Hvannhagi, Suðuroy. Archive photo.

More than half of respondents in a new survey say that members of the public should have the right to walk as they wish in the countryside.

Out of the 532 people surveyed, 57.7 percent favoured unrestricted travel in the outfield.

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The 30-44 age group was particularly supportive, with 63 percent favouring unrestricted walking. Fifty-six percent of the 18-29-year-olds supported the idea, while 55 percent of the 60+ group showed their support.

The survey also asked which political party the respondents voted for.

All Miðflokkurin voters in the survey were in favour of unrestricted walks. Seventy percent of Sjálvstýri voters said they supported it. Voters of the other parties were nearer the 50-percent mark, although only 36 percent of Framsókn voters said they supported it.

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