Committee chairman of Betri consortium steps down

09.08.2018 - 13:32
Committee chairman of Betri consortium steps down
Birgir Nielsen announced on Tuesday that he is stepping down as the committee chairman of the Betri consortium

Birgir Nielsen is no longer the committee chairman of P/F Betri

The announcement came at a committee meeting on Tuesday. Nielsen will also leave his positions in other committees in the Betri consortium.

Tuesday night’s Dagur og Vika revealed that Nielsen may have breached the consortium guidelines in connection with the sale of a building which reportedly earned him DKK 100,000.

The board of representatives, which appoints the committee members, received a report from the committee chairman on Monday night. The chairman of the board, Jákup Egholm Hansen, told KvF on Tuesday that the board was still awaiting a response to some specific questions for Nielsen, and that the board was investigating whether Nielsen’s earnings from the property sale were in accordance with the consortium guidelines

Nielsen wrote in a press release yesterday that even though he does not believe he has breached the guidelines, he is stepping down from his role. He said that he did not want this matter to have a negative effect on the Betri consortium.

P/F Betri is the mother company of Betri Banki, Betri Trygging, Betri Pensión and Betri Heim.

A new committee has now been appointed, with Aslaug Gisladótir as the new chairwoman. Teitur Poulsen will continues as vice-chairman.

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