Changes to bus route 5 in Tórshavn

10.08.2018 - 13:58
Changes to bus route 5 in Tórshavn
Bus route 5 is set to change to accommodate new traffic patterns as the new Glasir educational centre in Marknagil opens

There has recently been some discussion about whether the bus route 5 timetable should change when the Hoydalar education facilities move to Marknagil.

Tórshavn City Council has now decided that the timetable will be changed. According to the council’s website, bus no. 5 will no longer cover Eystari Ringvegur and Hvítanesvegur and will instead go via Vegurin Langi, Sundsvegur, Norðari Ringvegur and onwards.

“If it turns out that bus no. 5 will be too busy during peak hours, we will put in an additional bus on the route, and then we’ll see how it goes from there,” says Heini Eysturoy, the City Council’s municipal engineer.

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