Not enough parking spaces for new flats

09.10.2018 - 08:51
Not enough parking spaces for new flats
Tórshavn City Council has granted building permission for two large apartment buildings in Hoyvík without ensuring adequate parking conditions

The City Council’s public housing provisions state that there must be one parking space per 75 sq m of built property.

This provision has been breached in connection with the planned construction of two large apartment buildings in Karlamagnusarbreyt, Hoyvík, according to the board of appeal.

The head of the council’s construction and town planning committee, Marin Katrina Frýdal, was not available for comment.

In Friday’s Dagur og Vika news, the school management at the Løgmannabreyt school, parents and neighbours voiced their concerns about traffic safety on Karlamagnusarbreyt, saying the road is less safe for schoolchildren now, despite the City Council’s promise from a year ago to improve road safety in the area.

This view is backed up by study carried out by the council’s technical committee.

Jákup Dam, the chairman of the Technical Committee, acknowledges the problem and says that the committee is considering changing the town plan by-law so that buildings can be built farther away from the road.

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