Silence amid political discord

02.11.2018 - 10:44
Silence amid political discord
Politicians are reluctant to comment on whether the proposal to delay the fish quota system will be withdrawn

The political situation remains unclear after Framsókn (the Progress Party) last week proposed delaying the new quota system for a year.

Prime Minister has requested that Framsókn withdraw the proposal, but no-one in Parliament is willing to speak out about the situation.

A proposal can only be withdrawn during a Parliamentary hearing, and the next one is tomorrow.

Ruth Vang, who together with Hanna Jensen submitted the proposal, declines to comment on the issue, saying that nothing has changed in the past few days.

Poul Michelsen, Framsókn’s party leader, also refuses to comment. He does add, however, that the coalition party leaders, who returned yesterday from a Nordic Council meeting in Oslo, will be discussing the issue in the coming days.

Høgni Hoydal, the Minister of Fisheries, says the authorities are working with the industry to create an administrative plan for fisheries in Faroese waters. He has no further comments.

Prime Minister Aksel V. Johannesen has also been contacted for a comment.

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