Flight attendants working without contract

09.11.2018 - 08:41
Flight attendants working without contract
An impasse between a Faroese and a Danish trade union means that Atlantic Airways’ flight attendants are out of contract

Atlantic Airways’ flight attendants have been working without a contract since 1 November when the contract with the Faroese Salaried Staff Union expired.

Negotiations for a new contract have come to a halt.

The flight attendants joined Starvsmannafelagið (the Salaried Staff Union) in early 2016, but in September this year they left the union and joined the Danish FPU, Flyvebranchens Personale Union (Airline Personnel Union).

FPU has requested contract talks with the Faroese union, but the Faroese union says it does not negotiate with unions outside of the Faroes.

It is not clear how FPU aims to solve this impasse.

See also: Flight attendants to establish own union


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