Danish PM hits back at accusations

12.03.2019 - 08:43
Danish PM hits back at accusations
The Faroese Parliament approves laws that should have been processed in Denmark, says the Danish Prime Minister

Finance minister Kristina Háfoss recently accused Danish politicians of approving laws applying to the Faroes without consulting with Faroese authorities.

Last week, she called a meeting with Danish trade minister Rasmus Jarlov to clarify the issue.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has now weighed in on the issue, saying the opposite is also true – that the Faroese Parliament has also approved laws which ought to have been processed in Denmark.

“Step into character”

“If we’re looking for a needle in a haystack, I can easily think of many examples where the Faroese Parliament has been doing exactly the same,” he says.

He adds that it is the job of the two Faroese members of the Danish Parliament to “step into character” when these issues appear.

“The Faroese members of the Danish Parliament are there for a reason: to influence the Danish legislation process.”

Translated by prosa.fo

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