Cable solution “crucial” for Suðuroy’s green plan

04.05.2019 - 12:30
Cable solution “crucial” for Suðuroy’s green plan
A cable between Suðuroy and the central region is required if the island is to reach its 100-percent green energy goal by 2030, says energy supplier
Pictured: the wind farm in Húsahagi, Tórshavn

National energy supplier SEV has presented four general options for electricity production in Suðuroy, which will now be discussed further.

At last week SEV annual general meeting, it was agreed that a cable between Suðuroy and the central region is a prerequisite for the island’s 100-percent green energy vision to become a reality by 2030.

Surveys have revealed that a pump arrangement may not be necessary on the island.

Shifted focus

SEV decided in January to put its plans for a pump system to a halt and shift its focus on a cable system. 

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This decision resulted in the Environment Agency downgrading the output of the planned wind farm on the island from 12 Megawatts to 6 Megawatts.

SEV CEO Hákun Djurhuus revealed in March that SEV pulled the plug on the planned pump system in Porkeri because two other options became viable: a cable system or a combination of a pump system and a cable system.

Cable solution kept secret

However, it recently emerged that SEV has been working on a cable solution for Suðuroy since 2012.

Internal SEV documents reveal a complete plan for a 60 Kilovolt net consisting of a cable through the planned Sandoy subsea tunnel, a 60 KV station in Sandur and a cable to Suðuroy.

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