“A disaster” for Faroese handball

07.05.2019 - 09:54
“A disaster” for Faroese handball
The Handball Federation may be forced to lower its national team ambitions due to financial constraints

An additional grant that did not materialise in time for MPs’ summer breaks means that efforts to boost the national handball teams may need to be toned down.

The Handball Federation (HSF) was expecting a DKK 1.8m grant from the culture ministry to cover the additional costs from having to send the men’s national team to Denmark to play its Euro 2020 handball qualifying home games because the Faroese sports halls were not approved for international games.

The additional grant had been processed by the culture ministry and apparently only required a quick run through Parliament, but it had not been processed when the parliamentary summer break started on Friday.

“This is a disaster for Faroese handball,” says HSF president Gunn Ellefsen, adding that not only will the national teams suffer from this; the youth development programmes will also experience a major setback. 

Translated by prosa.fo

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