One third of political matters still pending

07.05.2019 - 17:12
One third of political matters still pending
Sixty-one items on the Parliament’s agenda were still at the committee stage when MPs went on their summer break on Friday
The parliamentary summer break has started, but the sessional year does not end until Ólavsøka in late July

An unusually high number of 61 matters for parliamentary discussion remained at the committee stage ahead of the Parliament’s summer break.

These items will, however, not be withdrawn yet, as the sessional year lasts until 29 July.

And the Prime Minister is authorised to call a parliamentary meeting during the break, as are 14 MPs.

The year so far

This sessional year, 178 matters have been submitted, some of which have been at the committee stage since last September.

Four written questions have not yet been answered. 

The Fincance Committee has had 36 meetings, the Trade and Industry Committee 28, the Social Affairs Committee 26, the Rules Committee 25, the Foreign Affairs Committee 18, the Cultural Affairs Committee 12, the so-called Article 25 Committee, which deals with MPs’ salaries, has had four meetings, and the internal government committee has met twice.

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