Wind farm monopoly called into question

08.06.2019 - 10:05
Wind farm monopoly called into question
MP queries the decision to grant a tenant farmer exclusive rights to build a wind farm in Hoyvík

MP Bill Justinussen has presented the Minister of Agriculture, Høgni Hoydal, with a formal enquiry regarding the planned wind farm in Hoyvík.

The MP wants to know the authoritative basis of granting tenant farmer Sigert Patursson exclusive rights to set up a wind farm in the area and to make a deal with private sustainable energy provider sp/f Vindrøkt which denies other bidders access to the public land.

He also wants to know if any other tenant farmers are given such preferential treatment with regards to private use of public land.

Licence approved in 2003

Patursson was authorised to set up windmills in the area as early as in 2003, after which he teamed up with sp/f Vindrøkt to develop the wind farm plan.

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Although the Environment Agency has invited tenders from other potential bidders, they have no access to the land, according to the MP.

He is keen to know if the law on electricity supply authorises this kind of private deal on public land, which denies other bidders, such as public energy provider SEV, access to the land.

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