Few reports on mental injuries in the workplace

07.11.2019 - 14:03
Few reports on mental injuries in the workplace
Only one person has received compensation for psychological injury in the workplace since 2010

When you break an arm or a leg at work, the process of applying for workplace injury compensation is relatively straightforward.

When it comes psychological injury in the workplace, however, things are a bit more complicated. 

Conditions for receiving compensation for psychological injuries in the workplace include a depression diagnosis or similar diagnoses, proof of special circumstances in relation to the illness and that the cause of the illness cannot be traced to private circumstances.

Lacking information

Since psychological injuries were included in the law on workplace injuries in 2010, only ten claims have been submitted, and only one person has been awarded compensation for psychological injuries in the workplace.

There are no indications that Faroese workers are less exposed to psychological injury at work than in other countries.

The main reasons why so few claims are made for this type of compensation is a lack of information and complications related to living in a small community, according to Pál Weihe, a specialist in occupational in occupational and environmental medicine. 

”It probably takes more courage to admit that you are suffering mentally due to an unhealthy work environment when you live in a small community like ours where everyone knows everyone,” he says.

“Examples of psychological injuries at work include traumatic events at work, such as an emergency situation on a ship, an unfair dismissal, or various forms of ongoing harassment, all of which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.”

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