Curriculum system is “outdated”

11.12.2019 - 21:33
Curriculum system is “outdated”
The current school curriculums focus too much on breadth at the expense of depth, says Teachers’ Association
School curriculums are in need of a revamp, according to the Teachers’ Association

Faroese school curriculums are too general, with too many fundamentals that need to be covered. This leaves too little room for pupils to immerse themselves in the material they are being taught.

This is the view of Jacob Eli Olsen, the chairman of the Teachers’ Association, who is calling for a clearer focus in the school curriculums.

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“The time has come to move away from curriculums that are filled with targets that teachers must reach to a system with only a few fundamental requirements and more flexibility,” he writes in an article in Skúlablaðið, the Teachers’ Association’s magazine.

He adds that Danish and Norwegian schools have amended their curriculums and have moved away from strict requirements and increased the focus on methods which enable pupils to immerse themselves in their subjects.

“Our pupils are struggling to use the information they are given, which is why it is necessary to take a closer look at our teaching methods and our curriculums.”

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