Optimistic PM warns against complacency

21.03.2020 - 05:35
Optimistic PM warns against complacency
Here are the highlights from this afternoon’s corona press conference headed by the Prime Minister
Pictured at the press conference, from left to right, are Jenis á Rana, Minister of Culture and Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen and Police Chief Michael Boolsen

Present at the 4pm press conference were Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen, Minister of Culture and Foreign Affairs Jenis av Rana and the Police Chief Michael Boolsen.

  • The Prime minister started the conference announcing that eight days after Faroese society officially slowed down as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the authorities are now cautiously optimistic.
  • Relative to the population, an unusually high number of tests has been carried out, which is the reason why the relatively high number of 80 people have tested positive.
  • The Prime Minister sincerely thanked all those who follow the guidelines from the health authorities, saying they are the main reason why the number of infected people is not higher than it is.
  • There are, however, still a few individuals who do not respect the guidelines, and the Prime Minister urged them to see the gravity of the situation and take it seriously.
  • All efforts are being made to spread the infection period over as long a period as possible.
  • The Prime Minister urged the public that rather than becoming complacent as the curve of infected cases appears to be flattening out, now is the time to further intensify the efforts to beat the virus as soon as possible.
  • The current guidelines will be extended to 13 April. These include the closure of schools and daycare centres, with the exception of emergency daycare centres for parents with jobs deemed essential to keeping society running.
  • Asked whether there might be a further extension beyond 13 April, the Prime Minister said this is impossible to predict.
  • The culture/foreign minister also praised the Faroese public’s compliance with the guidelines from the health authorities.
  • More women than men are infected. Most of them are aged between 40 and 59, followed by the 20-39 age group, while only five are aged above 60.
  • None of the infected people have been hospitalised.
  • Twenty-one are based in Eysturoy and Norðoyggjar, 31 in Streymoy and six are spread across the other islands. This list has not yet been completed.
  • The Police Chief stressed that the quarantine period should last no less than 14 days, and that quarantined people should respect the recommendations and never leave the house during the 14-day period.
  • Aid organisations, stores and others can help deliver groceries and other goods to people in quarantine. A new epidemic legislation is ready and is expected to go through Parliament next week.
  • The new law will authorise police to punish quarantine dodgers.
  • The Prime Minister concluded the press conference with a sincere plea to those infected and those in isolation to take the situation seriously and fully comply with the guidelines from the health authorities.
  • He also called on the Faroese people to stand together, so that we can get through this challenging situation and look back on it together with pride.


Translated by prosa.fo

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