Paediatrician: parents should not worry

23.03.2020 - 08:34
Paediatrician: parents should not worry
All indications say that babies with coronavirus suffer less than adults

Babies are no less susceptible to infection by the coronavirus than adults, but there appears to be a significant difference in the strength of symptoms once infection has occurred.

The babies and young children in the Faroes who have contracted the coronavirus have had a relatively trouble-free experience, according to paediatrician Tim Volmer Jensen.

“Parents with babies and young children need not worry more about the coronavirus than they would if their children contracted for instance the flu,” he says.

Mild symptoms

“Luckily, not many babies have contracted the virus here in the Faroes. But the few who have caught it have had relatively mild symptoms and have recovered within a week. This also appears to be the trend elsewhere in the world.”

It is even possible, he adds, that some babies might “slip under the radar”, as their symptoms are so weak that the question of testing never becomes relevant.

Hand hygiene is crucial

Symptoms are generally the same in adults as in babies – fever and general flu-like symptoms. In small babies, these symptoms may manifest themselves through a lack of appetite.

The doctor’s main advice for parents with babies and small children is to exercise good hand hygiene and wash hands before and after contact with the little ones.

“This is especially important when making contact with discharge such as mucus or faeces coming from the baby, as this is a known channel for viral transmission.”


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