Eleven new cases, one in hospital

28.03.2020 - 10:28
Eleven new cases, one in hospital
The total of corona positive people has reached 155, of which 64 have now recovered
Tórshavn's National Hospital

After 3,346 tests, the total of positive tests has reached 155 after 11 new cases were registered since yesterday.

'Meanwhile, ten more people have recovered, bringing the total of recoveries up to 64. Subtracting this number from the 155 total brings number of active corona cases to 91.

One corona positive person is receiving hospital treatment.

The official number of people currently in quarantine is 457.

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The daily number of new corona cases in the past week (from last Saturday to this morning) has been as follows: 15, 4, 9, 4, 8, 10, 5 and 11.

The Chief Medical Officer announces the number of new corona cases every morning. This number is based on tests from the previous day. There are, however, instances where not all tests are fully analysed by the following morning. Results from these tests will be assigned to the day in which the test is completed. This may lead to adjustments in the daily numbers after the morning announcement. Statistics about gender, age and location is published with a certain degree of lag.

An infected person is considered as fully recovered after 48 symptomless hours, according to consultant doctor Bjarni á Steig. At this point they are no longer regarded as carrying the virus and are released from quarantine.

For more information about the corona situation in the Faroe Islands, visit corona.fo


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