Corona total reaches 181

04.04.2020 - 08:26
Corona total reaches 181
At 88, the number of active cases remains the same as yesterday as two test positive and two recover in the past 24 hours, while two are in hospital

After 4,800 corona tests, the total number of positives is now 181, as two people tested positive since yesterday.

Ninety-three people have recovered in total, bringing the number of active cases to 88.

Two corona positive people are being treated in hospital, while the official number of people in quarantine is 322.

The daily number of new corona cases in the past week (from last Saturday to this morning) has been as follows: 6, 4, 8, 2, 4, 4, 1 and 2. These figures, published on, are subject to daily adjustments due to occasional irregularities in testing.

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The 20-29 age group is still the most prominent one in the statistics, with 38 positive cases.

Women feature slightly more prominently in the figures, with the gender split of those infected standing at 54% women and 46% men.

Statistics about gender, age and location are published with a certain degree of lag.


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