Rape crisis centre “long overdue”

31.05.2020 - 08:40
Rape crisis centre “long overdue”
Amnesty International and three women’s organisations have called on the health authorities to set up a rape crisis centre

The Faroe Islands are lagging behind neighbouring countries when it comes to providing help for rape victims.

This is the view of Katrin á Neystabø, president of Amnesty International Faroe Islands.

Amnesty has, together with the Women’s Refuge, Tórshavn’s Women’s Society and the National Womens’ Association, sent a letter to the health authorities urging them to set up a rape crisis centre at the National Hospital.

Police currently the only option

“It is not as easy as some might think for a rape victim to simply call the police because these women are usually severely traumatised,” says Neystabø.

A crisis centre, along with dedicated online support and advice, would offer a much less stressful way to start the recovery process after an incident with rape or violence, she adds.

“All the countries around us offer this service to their citizens, but Faroese women who have been through such traumatising experiences only have the option of calling the police. We believe it is crucial that our health authorities do something about this.”


Translated by prosa.fo

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