Man falls to his death on mountain

12.07.2020 - 11:43
Man falls to his death on mountain
A man in his 60s died yesterday after falling down a mountain
The body of the dead man was airlifted to the National Hospital

An inquest will be held early next week into an accident in the mountains north of the Streymoy village of Tjørnuvík.

A man, who took part in a sheep drive, died after falling down the mountain.

The sheep drive started in Tjørnuvík around 8am yesterday. When the participants returned from the mountains, one man was reported as missing.

After a brief search, the man was found lifeless in the Kambsgjógv gorge north of the village.

Airlifted by rescue helicopter

Police were contacted, and a rescue helicopter picked up the dead body and flew it to Tórshavn’s National Hospital.

The man was a resident of Tjørnuvík and was an experienced sheep driver.

Weather and walking conditions in Tjørnuvík were good at the time of the accident.


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