Covid vaccine ready by March 2021

24.11.2020 - 06:24
Covid vaccine ready by March 2021
The Faroese public will have access to a Covid-19 vaccine in early spring, reckons chief pharmacist

There will be enough vaccines for everyone in the Faroes, and if all goes to plan, vaccinations can start in March, says chief pharmacist Hjalti Gunnarstein.

The Danish Serum Institute has signed a contract with British-Swedish pharma company AstraZenica whose vaccine is expected to be ready next month.

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However, no vaccine will be dispensed to the public until it has received approval from health authorities, says the pharmacist.

“Figuring in a realistic period of approval, mass production and distribution, we believe the first vaccines should be available in the Faroes in March next year.”

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Danish authorities have announced that all citizens of the Danish Kingdom will be offered the vaccine free of charge.

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