Irregularities in vaccination plan

03.03.2021 - 06:23
Irregularities in vaccination plan
The national Covid vaccination plan has come under scrutiny after allegations of ‘queue-jumping’

Tempers are starting to flare after a number of non-priority individuals have been vaccinated ahead of schedule.

It emerged early on in the vaccination process that some non-frontline health workers were being vaccinated. This was later attributed to a slightly rushed allocation of leftover doses during the first vaccination round.

And yesterday it was revealed that the heads of the Representation of the Faroe Islands in the UK and China, along with their spouses, have received the vaccine.

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Private companies have also requested to receive vaccines ahead of schedule. A number of Smyril Line management staff recently received the jab before travelling to Denmark for the unveiling of ferry Norrøna after its makeover.

Although not consistent with the official vaccination programme, which prioritises health workers and vulnerable groups such as the elderly, these vaccinations were approved by the health authorities.

Meanwhile, patients who are due to travel to Denmark for treatment in the coming days have had their requests for vaccines rejected.

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Health minister Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen has requested an enquiry into the matter and has declined to comment further until more information is available.

Prime Minister Bárður á Steig Nielsen says this is not consistent with the official vaccination programme, and he is also awaiting more information before commenting further.

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