Demand limits health service to symptom treatment

10.05.2019 - 19:01
Demand limits health service to symptom treatment
The high demand on hospitals makes it impossible to solve the general problems in the health service, according to working group

Over the past two years, a working group consisting of 20 health professionals has been looking at how to improve the national health service.

In the group’s report, chiropodist Ári Rasmussen says that the current pressure on clinicians, and the lack of an overall plan in the health service, means that there is rarely more time than to provide symptom treatment. 

A common consequence is that people’s quality of life goes down, they struggle to tend to their jobs and end up becoming a financial burden on society.

Insufficient dietary guidelines

General practitioner Guðrun Zachariasen says a recurring problem is that overweight and obese people don’t know how to lose weight.

A solution proposed in the report is to set up a team of experts to help those who cannot lose weight on their own initiative.

The GP adds that these people can benefit greatly from joining groups where dietary advice is discussed and implemented, while guided mental and physical exercise becomes part of their daily lives.

Overall plan in the making

The key point of the report is that the big problem in the Faroese health service is the lack of an overall plan.

The report suggests an increased focus on establishing healthy habits from the early years, with a key focus on prevention.

It also aims to offer general health screenings to all members of the public aged 40 or over, and to provide solid professional guidance to those who are in risk groups.

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